Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Before asking any 
questions I'd like
to ask for continued
prayers for 
and her family
for comfort at
the passing 
her brother,
Heaven is one
angel richer today.

As I'm finding 
more to unpack,
(looking for those
darn cookbooks)
I came across
some favorite pieces
of glassware.
You all have
piqued my curiosity
and I'm asking if
anyone out there
knows what 
any of these
patterns may 
be called.
I'll love
them anyway 
if not but
living with 
Jada and Scully
have taught me
of course I think
there may be a
warning out there
about that. ;-)
I'm just going 
throw the pics
out there for you.
(Sorry about the
quality-I couldn't
figure out how to
shoot all of
this clear glass)
This pattern is 
berries or pine cones.
This plate and dish are fruit patterned.
Same divided fruit motif dish.
Plain footed cut glass.
The rest of my 
curiosity is about
my "pastry center".
That is what I 
was told it was 
called but I'm
thinking it's 
similar to what
is being called
a "hoosier" cabinet.
Maybe y'all can
tell from these pics.
Thanks for any
answers you have
for me about a 
few of my
favorite things.
(I'm sure 
Jada and Scully
are chomping at
the bit after
me to speak today.


  1. I for one am delighted to here YOUR voice lol
    Can't answer any of your questions - but I HAVE been praying for Diana for a week now -
    She's an incredible lady that one

  2. That looks larger than most of the Hoosier cabinets, but I'm betting that is exactly what it is. Most of the ones I've seen are painted.
    You have a beautiful treasure there, I'd love to have the one my grandmother had, or even the one that Aunt Ruby had, back in the day.
    Scully and Jada, you can talk tomorrow.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Diana's brother Charlie. I hope he had the peaceful passing that we were praying for and no suffering. I know he will be missed.
    AND I am loving that pastry cabinet. What is in that dispenser, thingy? It is just beautiful! I would like one for my tea room if it weren't soooo big. I need something no more that 50 inches and not terribly deep. I've been looking for quite some time, but am in no real hurry. I'd rather take my time and get just the right piece than settle for the wrong one.

  4. That is a beautiful old cabinet. 'Hoosier Cabinet' sounds familiar to me, but not sure about it and no idea about the others.

  5. First, you know that I am keeping Diana and the family in my prayers during this time and all the days ahead.

    Next, I have an oblong glass plate with the fruit dividers just like the one you pictured. My sister gave it to me a number of years ago.

    Then, the cabinet is awesome! Is the flour bin still really workable? I have what we call the kitchen cabinet that Mother used in our kitchen when I was growing up, but the flour bin is no longer in place. That is a really nice piece of furniture! I don't know what the proper name would be for something like that, but I have heard similar pieces referred to as a Hoosier cabinet.

    Just give Jada and Scully an extra treat, and they will soon forgive you for "hijacking" their blog.:-)


  6. You have lots of lovely old things!
    My prayers are with Diana and her family.

  7. Love your Hoosier cabinet. Wonderful piece and it still has the flour sifter!
    The last glass piece is diamond point. The ones I have seen have flashing on the top, ruby, but yours could have been scratched so bad, someone scrubbed the rest off. Look it up on ebay.
    Diana has been on my mind and in my heart for the last several days. All thoughts end up back to her. Praying her through all the rest that has to be done and on her journey home.

  8. Continuing to hold Diana and her family in my heart and prayers for the difficult time ahead.

    Your glassware is lovely but I can't help you with identification of any of it, but then I'm no expert. Love you cabinet whatever it's called. That's a treasure for sure.

  9. We are sorry for your friends' loss.

    What beautiful things you have !

  10. I will keep Diana in our thoughts. As to your glassware the fruit patterned one is probably the Pioneer pattern made by Federal Glass co. around 1940. the pattern looks the same in the book I have. The footed bowl is the diamond point pattern is was made by several glass companies and was made in many colors including the crystal with ruby stain that was mentioned above. Other colors are crystal,crystal w/gold, blue satin, green satin,yellow, teal,blue, amber, electric blue, carnival and milk glass. If you want more info I can try and e-mail a copy of the page out of the book.
    The others I haven't found yet I' ll check in the books I have at home and let you know if I find anything. Nice pieces.

  11. You have many beautiful collections.

  12. Yes, Diana has been in my thoughts with the loss of her brother. So tragic. I will continue to pray for her family. Sorry, I don't know a lot about glass ware but yours is lovely! And of course, your Antique Kitchen Hoosier stole my heart! Very Nice..(I have a Sellers) I guess that makes us kindred spirits!! LOL!Have a wonderful and blessed week! Roxie

  13. Praying for Diana and the family.
    I'm sorry I can't help you with any of your questions but I like your taste!! Beautiful glassware and the baking center, my mother in law has one and she has referred to it as a Hoosier cabinet, but her's is much smaller. Good luck and thanks for sharing.


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