Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Another tragedy...
We will dedicate
today to pray
for the injured
and their rescuers...
for their families
and loved ones...
and for those who
lost their lives...
we will pray even
 as we ask why...
we will pray.


  1. For sure we must pray and continue and also pray for the forthcoming event in London England Marathon. I think next week.

    The suspect when they grabed him he said to police. Did the second one go off. Lets pray that they get this killer.

    Perfect post !

  2. I didn't even know they had a suspect!!!!!!!!!
    I walk in and out of the living room so only catch snippets of this - it's all my soul can take at this point -
    Not even remotely close to being over Newtown - and now this...........

  3. Praying for family, friends, rescuers, and comforters of everyone involved. Praying the police get the culprit.

  4. Praying for us as the human race, that we can overcome this and all evil in the world. That we can take a stand and change us to be better and more Godlike. Praying for all the heroes who did what had to be done and will have to live with those images the rest of their lives. Praying for those hurt and the families of those lost. Praying for the souls of those who did this, that they will not be lost when they stand before Christ.

  5. Well said. Bad things happen. We have to pray and keep our hearts filled with hope. (((((HUGS))))

  6. Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by yesterday's events in Boston!


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