Saturday, February 2, 2013


Well, guess what.
Mom isn't at that
job anymore. 
Once she got
there they wanted
to change some 
things that they
promised and
probably have a
legal battle ahead
that Mom didn't
want to be part of
for sure!
It is making 
her a little sad  
cuz she likes 
to fix and 
(she's actually
quite anal about
that sort of thing...)
but at least
she didn't leave
them cuz they
didn't want her.
Keep praying
for our Mom
so something
else comes
along for her.
Although, we are
happy to have
her at our
Jada and Scully


  1. ;)- your mom will find something else in no time. This just wasn't the right fit. It will happen.

  2. There are better things ahead for your mom!!

  3. Hoping for better options for Mom!

  4. You know--one door closes so that a better one can open! Nice for you two though!

  5. I sure hope things work out soon! I know it can be worrisome! Take care! Happy weekend!

  6. So sorry that the job didn't turn out like it was supposed to. Good thing you found out soon though. I had a week kinda like that. My little job ended and another one was supposed to start and it didn't. HOPefully something else will come up for both of us. ((((HUGS))))) THis is for your mama not for you cats this time.

  7. Praying that the right thing can come along, so you get plenty of attention, and mom gets a position that will make her happy, and furnish treats for you two.

  8. the right job is out there, with a little patience and some prayers from us you will find the 'one.'


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