Saturday, January 12, 2013

Special songs

When Mom 
owned her
pet resort-
every single
guest had their
or their  own
(We think she
may have been
the first rapper-
heaven help us-mol)
Over the years
some of 
the regular's
Moms and Dads
even asked to 
learn their
critter's songs.
If something didn't
come to Mom 
right away
when they met,
it usually did
by the time her or 
her friends walked
them a couple times.
(Mom & friends
walked everyone
 3 times a day
or played in the
play area with them
so they wouldn't 
be bored or scared)
Who they were, 
their personalities,
is what decided
their song.
(bad thing is
Mom couldn't 
carry a tune
in a bucket)
Now Mom had
a lot of her 
own critters from
her years 
working at the
veterinary hospital-
I know she loved 
them all but
sometimes there is
just one or two
who are extra special.
(It's okay with 
us to say that
 cuz  we know
she loves
us too, she 
says there is
room for everyone
in her heart)
Her special kitty
boy was with
her for 18 yrs 
and his name was
He helped 
Mom through 
a bunch of 
always there for her.
When he came 
to be with her 
it was cuz a
 hawk flew off
with his kitten 
brother while they 
were being rescued and
so she grabbed him
up before he could 
be taken away, too.
He was bright 
yellow w/white
and his special
song was 
"You are my Sunshine".
Every time they
cuddled, especially
once he got sick,
she would sing 
that to him and
he'd be all purring
and happy-
she even sang it
to him as he
left to go 
ahead to the
rainbow bridge.
(Boy, he got away with that??)
Why I'm telling 
you all this is
cuz last night
as we both
laid with Mom
she sang that 
song to us-
that we are
her sunshines, too-
I think we
had as many
kitty tears as
Mom but
it was
special to us.
Jada <^"^>


  1. Good Morning, What a wonderful post to start my day. Yes, you two are very special and that song is perfect. Peter sounds a lot like my cat Kaboodle who is 11. She's been with me thru some of life's toughest times. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos. Have a good day.

  2. Crying here. That was so special. You know that is what my mom sung to me when I was little. I sing to may babies, too. When I start singing they all come running. They are think its their special song. I sing rock a bye baby to all the baby kitties that come in and amazing grace. Just good to put them to sleep with and make them feel at home and loved. Then as they get older, there are other happy tunes that makes them smile.

  3. You are her sunshines. Did you see my sunshines one of them is afraid of kitties. He's a granddog, that comes to visit, and he thinks they are going to jump on him, and he runs, so they follow. lol

  4. Ah ... this is a great post. I love it. The last pic is cute!

  5. Now you have made me cry, Jada, but they are tender tears for Peter and for your special Mom. I know that every one who is owned by a pet wishes there were a Calico Kennels in their life for those times when they absolutely have to leave home without their darlings. I'll be humming You Are My Sunshine now.

  6. Ahhhhh, what a good mom you have.

  7. Oh- I so remember that beautiful Peter. He was a joy..and he put up with that naughty Joey for many years, too. I always think of Ellie and Peter together- He was her bud! AND she was a GREAT kennel owner...a true calling! xo Diana

  8. Oh, what a sweet and joyful post. I love that song, who doesn't, and hum it often since no one would want me to sing!! Have a good weekend.


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