Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Birds And Bees

All for the birds
and the bees.
and mostly US so that we
can watch the birds,
 the bees & all the
Our auntie Barb 
(she's really nice
cuz she sneaks us treats)
is making all the front
get dug out & planting
cool stuff just for her
FAVORITES (that's me
& Scully in case you
didn't know that) :)
Then auntie Diana
(yup, that's Nana Diana)
brought all these
plants to make our
flutter garden the
BEST in the WORLD.
We know she loves us
too-cuz we're so
ding-dang WONDERFUL!
Just like L'oreal-we
deserve it!
PURRfect Jada & Scully


  1. Awww...You know I love you, too. xo Diana

  2. I hope they planted some catnip for you!

  3. Tete is funny today! HaHa! We have a cat Rose! I am not sure that girl needs catnip! Thinks she is a dog! Jumps high like a jack rabbit or a kangaroo! She is very confused!


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