Monday, November 5, 2012

Surviving Yesterday's Game

 I'm not doing Nothin'...
 Sure Mom, 
I can't WAIT
for the football game!
Help me Nana Diana.....
I've GOT to get
this stuff out'a here
 before KICKOFF!
Ok, Ok-there I think
that's all of it...whew.
why do humans have
 so much CRAP to store
Game time.
Lucky I got my 
hidey-hole ready.
In I if I
could just figure
out how to close
this darn door...
Life would be


  1. Hi Ellie! Glad to meet you!
    Diana sent me over - can't wait to read more
    Have a puuurrrfect day

  2. ha , thats so funny! I just came from your sisterinlaws blog, its OK to talk to cats, I do it all the time, as long as you never tell anyone that they talk back, OK? Welcome to blog land, best wishes from Canada!

  3. your followers list didn't come up but I will bookmark you and come back,

  4. Hi Ellie, Diana sent me over to check your blog site. I will tell you this Diana is pretty poplar with the bloggers. We all enjoy reading her blog to see what her family is doing. I see you own a cat family. I will be following you. Smiles, Susie

  5. Hi there,

    Just popped over from Diana's blog. Isn't she a hoot? I am your newest follower. I love your blog. The title is great. I love cat's. We have a little dog now though. Her name is Downy. Princess Downy in most of my posts about her. No more kitties.

    We are Packers fans here. Your recent post was great. Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.

    Feel free to stop by and visit me when you have a minute, Ok?

    Have a great week. Take care, Janet W

  6. WhooooHooooo...You did it! Up and running and followers to boot! Love you, you crazy cat woman- xo Diana

  7. I am here by way of your SIL. I think you two are two peas in a pod. Signed up to follow you.

  8. Welcome to blogger world! I love cats too! When I married my hubby 6 yrs ago, he came with 2 cats~~~Sweetie and Lucy. I let my young son when he was 10 have a kitten-(farm cat) named him Skittles~~~~All my life never had a cat...only dogs....WELL, i must say, I LOVE CATS! Your posting was CUTE as can Be! They are so much FUN! You have a blessed week~Roxie

  9. I just came over here from Diana's blog. I will follow you. I love cats. Right now, we have a very fat rescue cat named Jessie. We tolerate each other.She only loves men!

  10. Visiting from Diana's. I am an animal lover too! We call our cocker spaniel our "daughter dog"! Congrats on your new blog:) You will have all kinds of fun!!

  11. Stopping by from Diana's. Love Diana's sense of humor. Looks like you have a fun sense of humor too. We talk to our Sadie girl all the time. LOL Following along..........Sarah

  12. Diana sent me!:) This looks like a good blog for me to follow, so I am signing up! Have a good day! Nellie

  13. Your kitty is busy! popped over from Diana's blog. I think I'm going to have fun following along.

  14. Uh Oh...reminds me I need to clean out my bathroom vanity!

    Best wishes on your new blog!


  15. The pics are great! I am signing on as your newest follower.

  16. Happy Blogging! Your pics are great and I signed on.

  17. coming over from Nana Diana! 2 peas in a pod! what a fun blog! following

  18. Hi Ellie,
    I was sent over by you know, who.Someone you may know well. Or wish you had not.

    Do you have doggies tucked away in another room. I would love that.

    I think kitties are sweet far away. If cats meet me. They think I am a yarn of wall. Then they bite me.

    So I will just look. Have a great day.

  19. Joining from Nana Diana :-).What a cute blog! We have a cat just one and her name is Tabitha!

  20. Another friend of Diana's....wishing you loads of fun with your blog. I am a cat lover; we have 5 and one mini dachshund! Mildred

  21. Hi! Welcome to blogland! I'm here from Diana's. Your cat is certainly a curious and mischevious one! I used to have cats growing up but now I just own a dog. I'm sure you will have lots of fun stories to share with everyone on your blog.

  22. too cute! welcome to the blog world, have fun!

  23. Ah yes, the problem of the door. You need to convince the meowmie that the door should have a bit of a spring on it so that it shuts behind mew. Well unless you want to train the meowmie and although I have done that here, I'm not sure I would recommend it as it is VERY hard work. Some humans are not the sharpest crayons in the box mew know. Heck Nana Diana was reported as having been in disbelief that one would talk to us cats. Well duh. We write and speak human (when we choose) so why wouldn't you speak to a cat?!?!? See my point?! Very nice to meet mew, we are a new follower :)


    Romeo, the ferocious

  24. Look at all the comments. Who knew such a crazy blonde would have people doing as she bids??? Well, the bathroom cabinet is a good place to hide, but you need an automatic door closer or a dog that will lock you in. That's what my babies have going on here. Someone usually locks the others in. Alice had to make that nasty trip to the vet today so she doesn't have any more babies. Snuggles is coming home from there and Monkey Butt is due back here this week. I am sure they will be glad to get back home for good. Adoptions for them are hard to come by, so we are going to be their furever home. Wish more people were like your mom and loved to have babies around.

  25. HI! You are a funny one! Err...or I mean, Scully is the funny one! Ha Ha! I am new following you! Watch out! Nana Diana knows all about me! Come visit me too! I have a double giveaway going on right now til the 10th of November!

  26. Hi, hopping over from my cute friend, Nana Diana's. Your cat found a great place to hide. Sorry that he didn't know that that toliet paper would have made a soft thing to nap on.
    p.s. now following

  27. Here I am...another minion of the The Crazy Blonde Lady!
    Good to meet you, Ellie!


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