Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mom Is In The Shower

She's still in
the shower.
Now, hook your
left paw in the edge
of the, no
your LEFT paw.
SHEEZ, hurry!
Gotta get 
before she's done 
and wrecks
my PURRfect plan!


  1. Soooo- You ARE showering now?;>) And don't be sending me any emails calling me a bi- er- witch!;>)

  2. Oh...this is so cute! We have three housecats and at present we are cat sitting our son's Tabby. What an anxious few days it has been trying to keep peace with the four of them. As of yet, no overturned lamps, shredded sofas or cat spats....just lots of territorial stuff going on.
    Your kitties surely are partners in crime!
    Smiles and kitty kisses,
    Carolynn >^^< >^^< >^^< >^^<

  3. So this is how they get those treats! I was wondering who let the dogs have two whole bags of treats and trash strewn across the living room! I know! The cat did it!


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