Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello Cat Lovers
and all you 
OTHER people.
This blog is written for ALL
of you-even if you pretend you
You will come to love ME...
and THE OTHER ONE  Scully
Trust me.
Or don't trust me-
doesn't matter to me because
well, because
I'll be back around later
to tell you more about
MY world.
Ignore the person typing-
She's like the 
Wizard Of Oz...
without the balloon.
No balloons allowed here
if you get my drift.
Have a PURRfectly
wonderful day.


  1. Hello Jada, and welcome to blogland. I know that first followerer of yours, and I'm proud to be the 2nd. Your blog is beautiful.
    Check out my blog, Jetties ramblings, for a bit of kitty humor, book reviews, and just general postings. My latest kitties are Snowball, Oreo, and Peaches, per my granddaughter's naming.

    1. Hi Jettie-
      Thank you for being my second follower-my crazy ex-sister-in-law (oh-oh did i just say that) is my first and I'm excited to let Jada and Scully have their way with the blog. Well, they can have their way if they don't tattle on me all the time. I'll have to monitor their stories for awhile.
      Jada and Scully want me to say hi from them to Snowball, Oreo and Peaches.
      Thanks again,

  2. Welcome to blog land, my furry friend. You will like it here, purrfect place to let your hair down!

  3. Yes, you can say Crazy X sis in law, she is a mess, isn't she! I love the face that is half orange and half Mixed. I run a 'halfway house' for all these wild cats around here. Most I cannot touch, but they show up for feeding time. I try and tame some, so they can find new homes, but somehow I always have more. The story of Snowball, Peaches, and Oreo is on my blog. They are not siblings, but were raised together. I'd named Oreo something else, but my granddaughter, Skylar, renamed him. Welcome to the blogging world, we won't tell mom if you squeal on her.


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