Saturday, October 27, 2012


Heh, can you see me?  
I'm hiding here 
cuz there was this little 
 this morning. 
I kind'a knocked over 
a garbage can last night. 
AND I kind'a thought 
if I arranged it all 
in a nice pattern 
over the living room 
all would be well. 
Boy, was I wrong!  
Think I'll just chill 
out here for a bit...
Don't tell anyone 
you saw me, ok?
Did you notice that
my halo is hanging
just to my left?
I'll pick it up later~
Have a purrfect day-


  1. Love it, Ellie!!!! Great job and what fun to hear those cats "talk". xo Diana

  2. Oh my, sorry you got into trouble. Doesn't seem fair at all, when all you were doing is decorating.
    My name is Huckleberry Hound, and I tend to get into trouble for trying to take out the garbage. I take it out of the can, to see if anything good to eat has been accidentally thrown away. Waste not, want not, but mom says I have a Waist Not. I's not fat, but I's not fluffy either, like that stupi......err, pretty kat she keeps threatening me with, lately. She got mad the other day when I accidentally tried to get the cat food off the cabinet, she told me it was baby cat food, not old hound food. I accidentally got it while she was still in the kitchen, shoulda waited a bit longer until she went to another room. Oh well, live and learn, by the time I'm old enough to know all the rules, though, I won't be able to reach things anymore.
    Don't tell my mom I've been using her computer, she might think I'm tattling on her.

  3. LOL- See- I told you ALL my friends were basically NUTS, Ellie- (see Jettie's post)...and BY THE WAY- Jettie is her REAL name- no kidding.

  4. Good thing your horn caught that halo! I know it is terrible being so misunderstood. My guys try this on me every now and then, too, so I put the can under the sink. You might want to try using the paper towels or toilet paper next time. Designer T-Ping is the way to go this time of the year!


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